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At our beautiful 30 acre site we offer various adventurous activities! All our instructors make each session unique, fun, safe and a TOP experience.


One of the most popular activities at top adventures! If you don’t fancy being hit by Paintballs but you want the same excitement, and then why not try the UKs latest sport LASER TAG! These long range Hi-Tech guns are the perfect substitute. Laser tag is played in our woodland area with natural and man-made barriers and cover, with each participant also given camo suits making it an exciting and adrenaline infused activity. The minimum age to Play Laser Tag is 7 years old making it perfect for kid’s parties, groups of friends/family, office parties, anyone wanting an action packed day out. Laser is also well suited to scenario based missions, making them perfect for team building corporate days.

Come and join us for the day to experience the thrills of the fastest growing water sport around the globe! Stand up paddle boarding takes the art of paddling and surfing to produce a unique sporting, relaxing pastime or fitness experience.

Easy to transport, easy to learn and very addictive, we will teach you all the essential skills you need to get you started.

(Lake sessions- or guided river trips)

Canoeing and kayaking are sports that Top adventures are most passionate about. Whether you see yourself bouncing down a fast flowing river gorge, cruising on the tranquil and beautiful rivers or just simply giving it a go, then you’ve come to the right place.

We have a beautiful lake nestled in our nature reserve that we use for coaching skills & lessons as well as taster sessions and we are very lucky with having the river Severn, Teme and Dee nearby all offering different types of river trips.  We can offer tuition and lesson based paddle sport sessions or if you’re looking for an exciting and action packed water sport day we can offer you our ‘wet and wild water sports package’. This involves lots of games, fun, and adventure which is perfect for birthday parties, corporate days or family days!

A challenge that requires careful planning, teamwork and skillful construction techniques or the consequences are pretty wet! A classic activity that can be run as a competition by building small fast rafts that seat anything up to four people at a time and complete as many laps within the time limit.

Or try building one huge raft that seats the whole group then paddle it as a team around a course set out by our team of paddle sport coaches.

This activity is suitable for all age ranges from kids parties to corporate entertainment and team building and is a great activity to finish your day.

Come and join us on our exciting caving adventure course. Test your nerve in our new purpose made tunnel system. Suitable for adults and children, with varying routes and difficulties. Work as a team or solo your way around to reach the main central chamber, before tunneling out to daylight again. Have you got what it takes?

We have a 24ft mobile climbing wall that can accommodate 4 people at a time. With its unique autobelay system it slowly lowers climbers down so you get plenty of goes to try your hands on all of the routes. The wall is adaptable enough to offer something for all abilities and it can also come to you! It’s a great physical activity which involves using strategies and focus to make it to the top!

Archery is an age-old Craft steeped in history, which nowadays has transformed into a hugely popular competitive and recreational sport. We offer target archery, which is shooting at a large circular target, this involves tuition first then some completion based games!  For something a little more challenging we offer Field archery or roving mark competitions which is shooting at three dimensional targets obscured by a woodland setting.

Air Rifle Shooting using .177 air rifles as well as BB rifles on our covered range. Targets range from spinners, knock down & re-set and score targets. We have a sheltered rifle range at Ginny hole. As with the archery we normally start with some tuition then progress into an air rifle shooting target competition.

Paintball is one of Europe’s fastest growing extreme sports, so if you’re looking for an adrenalin rush then Trigger Happy Paintball is the one for you! Paintball games are action packed and run at a fast pace. You can be dynamic, sprinting and diving for cover, or you can be stealthy and pick people off from a distance. It’s up to you.

People sometimes think of paintball as being just for the Rambo’s of this world, but this couldn’t be further from the truth! Paintball is a well-organized sport supervised by our experienced marshals who will be with you from start to finish. All you need to bring is a sense of humour and we guarantee you’ll have great day out!

Jousting has a wide appeal due to fast action and excitement, and makes a great indoor and outdoor activity. Two contestants stand on turrets, face to face, then they joust with special padded feudal sticks until the winning gladiator knocks his or her opponent from their turret. Jousting is a real fun activity, and easy to assemble at any venue.

Top adventures offers a fantastic range of activities that can now come to you.  We can bring these activities to your business for corporate days, to your school, home, hotel, sporting event, country show, university or wherever you have space. The activities below can be hired on their own or in combination to develop a multi-activity experience, which has capacity for a large number of participants.

Paintball – The games are action packed and run at a fast pace, you can be dynamic, sprint and dive for cover or you can be stealthy and pick people off from a distance, it’s up to you.

Laser tag – One of the most popular activities at top adventures- great for all types of groups! With the long range and high tech guns, this activity is truly exciting and action packed!

Laser, like paintball, is also well suited to scenario based missions, which is perfect for team building corporate days.Archery – It is an activity which all ages and abilities can participate and is thus perfectly suited to run as an individual or team challenge at your venue.

Climbing wall – Our 24 ft mobile climbing wall can accommodate 4 people at a time.  With its unique auto-belay system it slowly lowers climbers down so you get plenty of goes to try your hands on all of the routes.  The wall is adaptable enough to offer something for all abilities. This activity is brought to your venue and assembled ready for use.

Archery – It is an activity which all ages and abilities can participate and is thus perfectly suited to run as an individual or team challenge at your venue.

Jousting – Great fun and easy to assemble at any venue.

There are infinite ways to occupy your group based on your objectives; be they educational, team building, social, challenging or just for fun. All adventurous activities programmes are designed to your requirements based on times, numbers, location, day, weekday or weekends.

Pricing Structure

– The pricing structure should be used as a guide.  The prices provided are flexible if more than one activity is booked.

– Prices are subject to a delivery charge of equipment based on your location.

– Certain adventurous activities have a minimum age limit.

– All activities are subject to a site visit (At no extra cost). If your site is not suitable other activities can be delivered.

Please contact us for more information or help in planning a programme to suit your requirements.

Coming soon to our activities at top adventures. We are creating an assault course that will vary in difficulties to suit all ages and abilities. It will be a test of mental and physical strength- do you have what it takes?

The assault course will consist of team challenges, mud slides, steep muddy banks, stream based challenges, Lake Swim, army crawls and climbs- it will have it all!

The activity is great for kids birthdays, corporate days (with the team challenges and competitions) and for those who really want to test themselves!

A great activity- made even more exciting! This activity will really get your adrenaline going!

On our site we will now be doing laser tag in the dark. All our high tech laser guns shoot red or blue. (The two different teams) So you will see different laser beams flashing in the darkness, as well as glow sticks dotted in our woodland area and attached to each participant.

Do you have what it takes to outwit your opponents in the dark?

A ultimate team adventure- please ring the office for more details!


We have a wonderful Orienteering course based at Ginny Hole. It’s spread over 30 acres of nature reserve.

There are two levels of difficulty and the course changes each year (this is to keep our annual residential groups on their toes!). We normally run this activity as a healthy competition with prizes for the winning team.

Breathtaking scenery in the Shropshire/Worcestershire Hills and handsome well mannered horses.  That’s what you want from a riding establishment. Add to that excellent knowledgeable guides and instructors and your choice is perfect.

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