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Alternative Provision

We are proud to announce our new Alternative Provision ‘Changing Lives Through the Outdoors’ scheme. This is a program aimed at those with learning difficulties, mental illness or physical disabilities.

We pride ourselves on our enthusiasm, safety and coaching experience which is why we believe we can make a real difference in people’s lives by using the outdoors. As specialists in the industry of adventure, we hope to provide an unrivalled experience that will benefit those who really need it. 

Our Alternative Provision is engaging, fun and action packed to give the participants the best possible experiences. Our experienced and highly enthusiastic staff will help bring out all the positives that the outdoors can have on people such as: team work, communication, fun, laughs, smiles, problem solving, memories, friendships and a top adventure.

The provision allows participants to discover and progress in a range of engaging outdoor experiences whilst being educational and stimulating. It offers the opportunity to engage in exciting experiences and explore the environments that surround them. The award scheme is a programme that encompasses existing recognised syllabuses and standards in a simple structured manner. This allows the individual to achieve the awards in a flexible time scale,  and is open to young people of all ages, ultimately promoting a safe, enjoyable learning experience.

'Top Adventures are passionate about the positive effects the outdoors can have on peoples physical and mental well being.'

dan jacob
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